Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nature Setting Lures Controversy

By Josh Noel - Tribune Staff Reporter
October 24, 2007

Luis Munoz, an avid bird watcher of 12 years, has seen a remarkable range of rare winged creatures this fall migration season, including the Nelson's sharp-tailed sparrow and the red knot.He also has come face to face with one species he hopes never to encounter again but knows he will: the Chicago cruiser.As sure as Munoz and his fellow birders can find an array of lovely birds in the area's most densely wooded spots, they also routinely find men trolling for casual sex.


  1. For the love of God, Tunney, shut the hell up.

    Yes, cruising has been around for hundreds of years - because gays couldn't meet each other in normal social situations.

    The fact that you can be an "openly gay alderman" is exactly why it isn't acceptable today. We're grown past it. If a gay guy wants to meet someone, there are literally hundreds of venues where he can meet someone. Bars, coffee shops, gyms, the internet - all of which do not involve having sex where someone can literally run across you.

    Don't treat it like a gay rights issue - it's closested (or cheating) cowards and freaks that are trolling the bushes. Having had to fight for credibility, rights, and benefits my entire life, I don't have any sympathy for them.

    Fine. You got your position in society locked. Don't push the rest of us down.


    [This rant will be the basis for a letter directly to him. Because I'm that angry at him.]

  2. Well said Hal. If you'd like to post your letter here in the comments, please do so!

  3. I agree, Hal... this is ridiculous. We fought too long and too hard to be reduced to the hetero public viewing us as sex-crazed maniacs lurking in public parks. I don't know any well-adjusted gay men that "cruise" these days, regardless of their age. You're correct that the people out there are usually closeted guys with kids and a wife in the suburbs, in which case they should be caught!

  4. I agree with Hal and the rest. Tunney is a piece of crap.

    The cops are just doing their jobs. Chicago is not like some small town in Southern IL where there is no bookstore and no place to meet. We have plenty like the RAM, Steamworks, Manscountry etc. If that is your thing.

    Vote Tunney OUT!

    I think he has been doing to much PNP anyway.

  5. Hal The reason TT is so upset is that he has been known to frequent the area - I have seen him myself and one would think that an elected official would at least play in his own area - I think power has gone to little tt and he thinks like another northside aldercreature, laws should only be applied when convenient -

  6. A clear goof from Tunney. I'm extremely disappointed, and will let him know as well. As a gay man, I am angry that he played right into the sterotype that some people have of gays & anonymous sex. This is not the way to work toward same-sex marriage.

  7. James will take the nice road, I'll take the jerk road. It's like good cop/bad cop.

    Upon re-reading, I decided to send my comments as written, with a very few minor edits (e.g. "fact" => "reason") and format changes.

  8. I emailed Tunney about the Phone incident last week and today about my disgust of his comment. He makes HS look almost decent. Vote all the incumbents out! He is setting back gay rights about 20 years.
    Now I see why he didn't endorse JC he's a total scum bag.

  9. tt - I'm sorry that you have such low self esteem that you feel the need to cruise and have sex with strangers - if you dislike your self so much, please see a professional

  10. Uptown Avenger

    The definitive take on this idiot statement by Tunney and a photo doctored by MS Paint.

    What more could one ask for?

    Absolution from the Pope?

    Total consciousness on your deathbed from the Dalai Lama?