Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wide Open Spaces

The homeless living around the old Aldi building will have to find another vacant, poorly monitored building to call home. This afternoon there was virtually nothing left of the building, leaving an even more vacant view behind. We expect to see a sign announcing "TARGET COMING SOON". To hell with them anyway, right Mr. Holsten?


  1. Actually, I've seen a number of homeless now camping out along the new Aldi. It's just steps from Shiller's office so they should be left alone.

  2. More progress for Shiller-town. Now we have a vacant lot. I am sure this will attract nothing but positive elements for the neighborhood. Thanks, Hellen, for the imaginary Target!

  3. Perhaps if we painted a big red bullseye with concentric red circles around it on the Wilson fence, Target could find the spot where is is supposed to build.