Tuesday, September 4, 2007

They Shall Call It, 'Dover Court'

Well, the development at the corner of Dover and Wilson that is being documented by HGTV now has a name, "Dover Court." We were amazed to see the work that has been done on the courtyard. Fountains and tons of brickwork and landscaping has been added. A "Grand Opening Party" is scheduled for Thursday, September 6 from 4-10pm. We wonder if HGTV will be there to tape the event?


  1. Starting at $169k? Wow, that seems really, really low. I hope for the sake of the overall Uptown real estate market that the entry level 1 bedrooms are tiny half-basement "garden" units.

  2. That is exactly what I thought! I will never be able to sell my place if brand new one bedrooms are going for $169K!

  3. I suspect at that price the $169K unit is < 700SF with a 10x9 bedroom and a "cozy" combo LR/DR with an attached kitchen. Still though, the price shocks me. If that's the list price, you know the final sale price is gonna be at least a little (if not a lot) lower.

  4. We can only assume the 169K is the garden units...also we noticed this building does not have central heat or air, the units will have window a/c's.

  5. To the poster above with the oh so charming newsflash, how do you square your comments with this?


  6. The market has slowed way done just talk to closing atty's and title company employees.

  7. 169k is an old marketing ploy to get people to the open house. Most likely the garden unit, with zero upgrades. Oh, you wanted doors and appliances?!? well, that's another $20k.

  8. It's worse...their recent ad on Chicago Reader lists it at $139,000, and it comes with a TV.

    Price: $139,900
    Neighborhood: Uptown/ Buena Park
    Building Type: Condo
    Bedrooms: 1BR
    Bathrooms: 1 bath
    Parking: No
    Map: 4605 N Dover, 60640
    Grand Opening! 1 Bedrooms Starting at $139,900.
    posted 08/28/2007

    Grand Opening Party "Dover Court Condominiums"
    1, 2 & 3 Bedrooms Starting at $139,900. Standard Features include 37" LCD TV's, Granite Countertops, Stainless Steel Appliances, Hardwood Floors, Washer/Dryers, Balconies and more!
    Live music, Food and Cocktails! Thursday September 6, 2007 4pm -10pm 4605 N Dover St. Call Rick at Sales Center 773-944-9451 Gold Coast Realty-Chicago

  9. Anything that brings owners into the hood is a good thing - maybe some teachers, firemen, police or some office workers - having owners stablizes an area and for goodness sake look on the bright side of things

  10. I agree Juana, but people are worried about losing their hides (or homes) in a falling real estate market. Falling home values are bad for everyone, since they will ultimately drag the whole regional economy down. Minor adjustments to home prices aren't so bad, but an all-out collapse would be disasterous for the entire region. Luckily we're not there yet...

  11. If everyone stops freaking out for a minute and stays put, their property values will climb back to where they want them to be. That's how it works.

  12. Yep this is marketing at its best, the prices of homes are NOT falling, when you get in the door of this place you find out the 3 bed 2 bath with no parking is 339K, and since it is a larger builing assesments run $325+/month. Even the largest 2bed which was really a 1 bed + den, about 1100-1200 sq ft was going for over $250K.

    Not to mention that all pricing you see now is for the Grand Opening only. The developer told me they would be increasing prices by 1%-5% across all units starting Monday morning (Sept 10th).