Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Suspect Charged In Drowning

By Annie Sweeney
Chicago Sun-Times
Before he shoved a 62-year-old fisherman to his death into Lake Michigan, John Haley hinted to friends about what he was about to do, police said today.
“Some of these fishermen look hot,” he allegedly told them. “And need to go for a swim.”
Du Doan — who could not swim — died after Haley pushed him into Montrose Harbor early Saturday morning.
The details emerged at a morning news conference as police announced first-degree murder charges against John J. Haley, 31. Haley, of the 2100 block of North Point Street, also faces aggravated battery charges in a July 31 incident in which he alledgedly pushed another fisherman into the water. That man survived.
Belmont Area Lt. Tony Riccio said Haley told police he was “clowning around’’ when he and his friends arrived at the harbor after being out drinking the night before. They had intended to watch the sunrise, but Haley began acting erratically, first attacking another fisherman and then Doan, Riccio said.
Haley has been arrested 10 times, Riccio said.
Doan, who was born in Vietnam, fished regularly on the pier and often took home his catch to cook for dinner.
“[It] was senseless violence,’’ Riccio said. “The victim was fishing, he was by himself, a 62-year-old man. He was pushed from behind. It was just erratic behavior on the part of our offender to target a little old man who was fishing.’’


  1. Oh where, oh where could our Alderman be? Shouldn't a bulletin be posted on the 46th Ward website? Shouldn't our elected officials comment on this heinous crime?

  2. My issue isn't with the alderman on this one, it's with this guy and his friends. They could have stopped him or tried to save the poor guy who drowned.

  3. Well you are both correct.

    Shiller ain't responsible for this.

    She also ain't resposible for my grammar or spelling.

    That being said she should comment on this murder.

  4. If I was your Alderman I would have issued a statement about it but hey she is probably out of town.

    That being said I feel really bad for his family having to go through this.

    This guy deserves to be locked up the rest of his life or the death penality.

  5. This is a horrible thing...I was shocked to hear about this horrible event...Johnny needs to grow up this is not the first time he has done somthing like this and he deserves what he gets!!
    To bad it had to take somones life. My heart goes out to both families!