Monday, August 13, 2007

'Watercolor Residences'

You may have noticed a large development on the east side of the El tracks going southbound between Wilson and Sheridan, just before the curve at the Sheridan stop. Thanks to the detective work of our friend, the "IrishPirate," we now know whats coming, "The Watercolor Residences." This development is located at 4150 Kenmore. Check out the pics above.


  1. It was under construction for months with no sign. No listings with realtors. Kinda mysterious.

    One thing I know, besides wenches, is construction and that seems to be a well built building so far. Steel beams, concrete construction and it is beginning to look good.

    That lot was an eyesore for 20 years. Between this development, the conversion of the courtyard building directly south, and the gut renovation of a 6 flat across the street that is going to become an even nicer block. It is quite nice now.

    I figured I would send the pics to you because your blog is the place for this kinda info. My blog is all snark, all the time.

    Here is a plug. Plus check out the new video by Anita "Meghan" Mandalay. You guys might want to post the youtube link here.

    Uptown Avenger

  2. Forgot to say one thing. "Watercolor Residences" is a stupid name.

  3. The MLS has it listed with @Properties, starting in the $300's. Then I went to the @Properties website, and there is nothing about it.

  4. AtProperties info

    Not much there but this is what a google search turns up.

  5. This is one of the few instances I've seen where the actual building looks better than the rendering. They've clearly refined the design a little bit... The results aren't horrible, but definitely not great either (and if you've seen my architectural criticism before, this is almost a complement from me).

    As far as IrishPirate's endorsement of the construction techniques, I don't really see enough in these pictures to confirm that. What's the structure of the floors? How are the units acoustically isolated? Are the brick walls backed up with steel studs (not recommended) or CMU (preferred). These are just some of the questions I'd want answered before buying new construction...

  6. That is a complement from UptownR. He has high standards. Unlike me. Give me a beer, two hookers, and a video camera and I would die happy.

    I don't know about acoustics in the building. I would have to get in there and look. A few weeks ago I could probably have been able to tell from outside partly what they are doing.

    The "flooring" seems to be some thicker than average "flexicore". My brother was walking by the place and said he saw a crane putting it in place.

  7. It's the curse of being an architect... Nothing is ever good enough. You spend several years of your life learning about what makes good architecture, then you graduate into world where you can't afford any of it and the marketplace doesn't value your skills. Drive around the city with me and you'll hear nothing but cursing about new buildings--unless it's one of MY buildings, that is. Then I'll be cursing about the owner or contractor.