Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Public Drinking Free-For-All

We passed by the "Wilson Club Hotel" at Wilson and Clifton twice today to see residents loitering as usual in front of the building on milk crates and chairs and drinking beer. Today we were able to get a shot of the aftermath of this public drinkfest...a shopping cart full of empty beer cans on Wilson in front of the building. Do the police just look the other way when it comes to public drinking in our ward?
Check out the Yahoo! Travel Review for this "hotel."
If you are fed up with the public drinking and loitering in front of this establishment, give the "Wilson Club Hotel" a ring at 773-784-0691.

1 comment:

  1. The answer would be, "Yes, the police do turn away when witnessing public drinking in this ward." They always have and that is why we have so many freakin assaults and batteries. At least we aren't walking over bodies passed out on the sidewalk like we did when I moved here 18 years ago. The police will actually call the fire department now to pick them up.