Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mind The Gap, And Your Heads

For those Uptowners who use the Wilson El station, you've noticed by now that the ceiling has collapsed in the main entrance on Broadway. The CTA has constructed barriers around the 2 sections of ceiling that have collapsed. We had previously noticed the ceiling in this station to be in very bad shape, and it turns out these were the sections that collapsed. How much more will it take? A little preventative maintenance on the CTA's part would have saved El passengers from this headache. We haven't received any reports of passengers being hurt in the collapse, but how much more will it take before the CTA wakes up and realizes its time to rehab the Wilson El? Oh yes, that's right, "a lot" of progress has been made. The design phase is at 30%.

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  1. Wouldn't it have been cheaper and faster to just repair the ceiling than to put up the barricade?

    Here's what Shiller's website says about the Wilson Yard and the Wilson L:
    The project, to be completed in 2008, will:

    *Open a 115,000 square foot new Target store
    *Create more than 200 job for area residents
    *Include a new streetscape on Broadway and new area infrastructure improvements
    *Reduce parking problems by building a new parking structure and student center for Truman College
    *Redevelop the Wilson El Station
    *Open dozens of smaller retail stores and offices
    *Provide greenspace in the form of a school campus for Stewart School as well as innovative green technology used in the development
    *Build a new senior housing complex
    *Construct a new rental building with a built-in recycling process
    *Develop a new Aldi grocery store

    What she meant to say about the Wilson L is that the plans for the Wilson L will be complete by 2008, but there are no funds to actually do any redeveloping of the L station.