Wednesday, August 15, 2007

'Heart Car' Email And Other Useful Hotlines

An "Uptown Update" reader wrote in to share these useful and valuable email addresses and phone numbers you can use in various situations. Save this post for future reference.

The 23rd District would like to announce a new email address for our HEART car, which handles issues of homelessness. Questions or information pertaining to this issue can be emailed

Another person to contact with homelessness issues needing special attention is:
Mental Health and Homelessness Officer
P.O. Don Zalinski

Police Department Hotlines
For whatever reason, some people may not feel comfortable using either 9-1-1 or the police non-emergency number 3-1-1 to report information regarding crimes. That's why the Chicago Police Department created various telephone hotline numbers as another option for reporting information.
These hotlines protect the anonymity of the caller and help simplify the process of reporting crime information. The hotlines are easy to remember and require only that you leave a message, give information, or state the purpose of your call -- all without having to identify yourself or your location.
However, the hotlines should never be used to report crimes in progress or other emergency situations. 9-1-1 is the appropriate number for these situations.
Here are the Police Department's most frequently used hotline numbers:
Bomb & Arson Hotline: 773-533-FIRE
Used for reporting information about arson, suspicious incendiary devices, potential bombs, and related criminal matters.
Chicago Anti-Gun Enforcement (CAGE) Hotline: toll-free 877-CPD-GUNS (877-273-4867) Used for reporting information about individuals and locations involved in gun trafficking or the illegal use or possession of firearms.
CRACK44 (Drug) Hotline: 800-CRACK44 (312-747-3673/TTY)
Used for reporting information about individuals and locations involved in drug trafficking. You may also report drug activity anonymously using the On-Line Drug Activity Form.
Gang Hotline: 312-746-GANG (312-746-4276/TTY)
Used for reporting information about gangs and gang-related activity.
Superintendent's Hotline: 312-939-5555
Another option for reporting narcotics activity and related crime information.

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  1. I had an interesting conversation with two people from the Dept. of Human Services yesterday. They were called to address a situation of a homeless woman sleeping on the sidewalk at the corner of Leland & Kenmore. She had two large carts filled with her belongings right beside her.

    They said that if we want the problem to stop, we really need to educate the community to stop giving her food. They said the only thing that can really help is getting her case management, but she loses her incentive to get help if people keep feeding her.

    The woman they came to assist refused help, and walked about 100 feet with all of her belongings and began camping out there.