Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Crime Is Down In Our District, Right?

Check out the 1100 block of Wilson and the 4600 block of Broadway. Notice something?


  1. Just for fun i did a couple of ther streets, just to see how it compares:

    O N State = 730
    100 N State = 838
    800 N State = 382
    0 S State = 248
    300 S State = 276
    2200 S State = 911
    2700 S State = 471

    200 N Michigan = 313
    800 N Michigan = 703 (John Hancock/Water Tower)
    100 S Michigan = 160

    1200 N CLark = 315

    0 E Jackson = 236

    6300 S. Ashland = 356
    7900 S Ashland = 330

    Not to say that your findings are acceptable, but to keep it in perspective of the entire city, that there are "worse" areas of the city, including downtown, which should be "safe," yet in fact has more crimes (at least reported in the current database) than Uptown.

  2. If I lived at 6300 South Ashland, or 2200 South State, I might give a damn.

    But I live near Wilson and Broadway and those numbers are unacceptable.

    How about the numbers at your closest intersection, JP?

  3. The problem with the numbers at is that they just give total numbers of crime, but not the severity of that crime. Also, the per capita crime rate isn't shown. The area near the Hancock has thousands more people going through daily than Wilson and Broadway, so of course there will be a greater number of total crimes. You'd think that Water Tower Place shoplifting alone would account for a lot of those numbers.

    A more useful gauge of neighborhood safety would show levels of VIOLENT crime. When ICAM maps used to be available, you could see that Uptown violent crime between Montrose, Lawrence, Broadway, and the Lake was MUCH higher than in surronding areas. It was spelled out as clear as day with bright red map markers. is a bit more difficult to read.

  4. Once again JP proves that Uptown was lucky when he was forced out due to prices. Ah, the market and Darwinism at work.

    Unfortunately, like jock itch he likes to return.

    Take a look at something roughly comparable. The 900 block of Fullerton right next to the EL stop. Still a high number of crimes, but less than the similar block of Wilson. Also a much busier EL Stop.

    You need to compare roughly similar locations based on factors which are beyond the capability of Rogers Park Paulus to understand.

    Towns with large regional shopping malls also have "high crime" rates based on shoplifting and car theft. That doesn't mean they are relatively "unsafe".

    Everything needs to be put in context.

    Now compared to parts of the West or South side Uptown is downright safe. Buena Park actually generally has less crime than some of the neighboring areas south.

    Now the area of Uptown from Montrose to Lawrence and Broadway to the Lake generally is the scene of most of the violent crime in the hood.

    That is what is unacceptable.

  5. Seriously JP, you just don't get it. Do you honestly think that michigan avenue has the same amount/type of crime as uptown? Time to use that big brain of yours.