Thursday, July 19, 2007

Who Needs Target?

Who needs a Target when we have more Uptown entrepreneurs setting up shop on Broadway and Wilson? Today's vendor sat in a folding chair right on the corner with a "wheelie suitcase" full of shampoo and soap opened up on the sidewalk. No sign of our previous hat and bag selling vendors as they are being investigated by the city. We have a feeling that this current vendor's days are numbered as well.


  1. Another lively picture. Call Homeland Security, he could be selling toothpaste from China. I would think the police have more important things to do than keep running people off the street for UU.

    On target, Exactly, it is not needed. & it just may dry up some of the locally owned convenient stores and food stores, and you'll have more pictures for your walk collection.

  2. ids, what exactly is your vision for Uptown?

    Seems to me it's the status quo.

    Sure, illegal street vendors aren't and shouldn't be "public eneemy #1", but they are still BREAKING THE LAW.

    Your snarky and lame responses to these posts are just evidence of your tired complacency. And that's the number one problem in Uptown. Too many of its residents have come to accept the low-grade criminality that pervades most of its street corners.

    If all of the problems in Uptown highlighted by this blog were adequately addressed by local government and the neighborhood residents, then Uptown would be a safer, more pleasant neighborhood for ALL OF US, including you.

    But you'd rather sit back and make sarcastic foolish comments that add nothing to the conversation.

  3. Concerned,

    Entertainment/Theatre district with lots of affordable housing and lively streets and help available for the needy that's a model for other neighborhoods and cities and worlds.

    For perspective, how long have you lived in Uptown or connected to it to talk about status quo?

  4. All it takes is one walk down Broadway to see what the status quo is -- unless you are somehow contending that the public vagrancy and petty crime is a new development.

    But in answer to your question, I've been here about a year. Tell me how that compromises my ability to recognize blight when I see it.

    And it seems your vision is a reality, except for the entertainment/theater district part. Well, actually, do you consider bumfights entertainment?

    Seriously though, there's a real lack of quality economic activity, whether it's retail, restaurants or even decent nightspots. Granted, there are some positive developments on the far north and south ends, but between Montrose and Lawrence I'd be hard pressed to call that section "lively".

  5. Concerned,

    Status quo is what it is. Nobody should accept the status quo. It's not even close to acceptable.

    There are areas and people around here that need developing. Uptown has come a long way in the last few decades. There's a way to go. Blight is relative.

    People pee all over the city, there are homeless everywhere, and street vendors all around. If all that is repulsive to you, I wonder why you moved here from wherever you came from?