Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Where The Grass and Retail Won't Grow

This is the view on the side and in front of the stripmall at Lawrence and Sheridan. There are also several vacant storefronts in this complex. Wouldn't a "Fed-Ex Kinkos" or a "Sprint Store" be nice in this location? We imagine that more businesses would move into this stripmall if it looked a little more inviting and a little less like "Death Valley" outside.


  1. I was wondering....is it possible the current owner is letting leases run out to redevelop that property? Even the health center/offices has left. It'd be great to see a multi-story building at that corner instead of a parking lot.

  2. Most of the homeless people don't have any use for a Fed-Ex/Kinkos.

    What would be nice is to demoish the mall and put up 8 story or so condo with retail on the first floor. A 7-11 would be great.