Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wanna Vandalize Like a Pro?

An "Updater" sent in this advertisement for the "Kuumba Lynx Urban Arts," who will be at the "Uptown Unity Fest" on July 21. If you would like a lesson in how to deface public property and disguise it as "graff art" then this is for you. And while you're at the Unity Fest, don't forget to get the kiddies immunized or pick up a new state ID. This is truly family fun that can only be brought to you by the 46th Ward.


  1. You have got to be kidding me?

    Shiller is such a Ghetto A Scum Bag!

  2. Check the BPN message board for a discussion on this.

  3. No, JP.

    This is not the topic of discussion on BPN. The topic was the rise of complaints regarding graffiti, and big cities' fights against the crime of defacement of both public and private property.

    Race or socio-economics was never part of the conversation.

    That is, until you injected those issues into it.

  4. WhereEVER would we be without JP Paulus to herd us along in thought and deed?

    St. John of Rogers Park, self-proclaimed Leader of Uptown Residents (who never once asked for his guidance, but apparently are stuck with it anyway).

  5. Furthermore, why would "urban" youth be encouraged to create "graffiti art" as an extra-curricula or social activity?

    My kids? They like to ride their bikes, play in the park, read books (they love the library's summer reading program), play soccer and baseball, and they even work on some community projects every now and then. They also do some art projects, like making tie dye t-shirts and painting pictures with water color paints or non-permanent markers.

    Sometimes, they go over to friends' houses and play board games, like "Clue" or "Monopoly". Occasionally, I let them play video games at home, and sometimes we just relax and watch a DVD.

    We particularly enjoyed "The Incredibles" and "Happy Feet".

    When we have a few extra bucks to spend, we might go see a movie at a movie theater. I give a thumbs-up to "Surf's Up" and "Bridge to Terabithia".

  6. JP what is your interest in Uptown?

  7. His interest in Uptown is telling everyone how wrong they are in their viewpoints and implicitly telling everyone how right he is in his own.

    His interest is in spreading the Gospel, and his belief in Jesus Christ as everyone's savior is his guide. There is no human or worldly power on earth that can trump Christ, so there is no way to have JP shut the hell up.

    Convenient, isn't it?