Friday, July 20, 2007

Skate Park Fence Needs Repaired ASAP

Craig Gernhardt, 'The Broken Heart of Rogers Park' blogger, wrote in telling us about this fence at the skate park at Wilson and Lake Shore Drive that has been broken for weeks. The park has become a showcase for out of town skaters and has proven to be very popular, but now the broken fence is a real danger and reflects badly on our ward. This broken fence even affects those playing softball nearby. Let's get this fixed before someone is hurt.


  1. Helen, Don, or anyone of you big-wigs that read this site. And I know you do. It would be very disingenuous to say you don't.

    I'm tiring of swatting Joe around like a cat does a mouse - and I'm toying with starting a Helen's Hell Hole Blog.

    Please, get this fence fixed before I get back from Wisconsin. I'd hate to have to do a negative follow up response. Wouldn't you?

  2. There's now a big red gang tag on the Wilson underpass that goes ten feet along the newly painted white wall.

    A really nice big "Welcome to Uptown!" to out-of-town visitors. Gangs and broken fences.

  3. Dear Updater, I'd like to inform your loyal readers, the Wilson Avenue Skate Park fence has been repaired. Quite frankly, I'm impressed with the Alderman's staff assistant Jason, who got right to the bottom of the matter. Jason informed me there was a hold-up, due to the fact the Skate Park, (including the fence) is under manufacturer warranty. Had the Park District fixed the fence, the warranty would have been void. Thus the delay. Jason's timely attention to this matter earns him my - 'Employee of the Week' honors. Well, done Jason. Thanks, Craig Gernhardt