Sunday, July 1, 2007

New Condo Building at Irving Park and Sheridan

Former gas station to be replaced with 87 condo units and first floor retail, according to the Chicago Tribune.


  1. I like it.

    I know the folks who hate "glass" buildings will complain.

    It is an appropriate location for that kinda density. Right across from the el stop.

  2. It's nice looking hopefully the developers finish their projects and meet all zoning and inspections before occupency.

  3. Great for traffic, can't wait for construction to begin.

  4. Hey,

    does ids stand for "I dumb stupid"?

    I forgot narcissism is the watchword for much of America.

    I'm sorry you will be inconvenienced.

    Actually I'm not.

    Let's never change or build anything anywhere. After all it might cost you a moment or two stuck in traffic.

    After's all about YOU.

    Move to Lincoln Park!

  5. From the article this is exactly the kind of development Uptown needs.

    Looks like an awesome building. Hope the market is still there for these condos.

  6. irishpirate,

    I find Irving/Clarendon to be about the most congested rush hour spot in the area and putting 87 units on top of it will just make it worse, nothing to do with narcissism.

    BTW, what does irisphirate stand for? An egocentric, obnoxious, inconsiderate, greedy, drunk who thinks all that glitters is gold?

    You are probably just over exhuberant because the developer is finding a way around the 10% set aside for affordable housing.


  7. IDS,

    learn how to spellz.



    Try to limit the spelling mistakes to one per short post.

    So endeth the lesson!

  8. There shouldn't be any set asside for Affordable Housing anyway. If I had to pay market and have a first and second mortgage why should someone else get affordable housing? It's a bull crap program.

  9. I should add I don't have a problem with a special rate for Policeman, Firemen or Teachers

  10. I know that a lot of the residents in this area tend to either not have a car or to have fewer cars per household than average, so maybe that will mitigate the congestion concern?

  11. r. I agree with you, Daley's 10% is a bullcrap plan and hurts Uptown about as much as any other community, it seems to me.

    Concerned, Irving seems to be a feed onto the Drive, and those who must drive flock to it, so it's still a mess even with the relatively few drivers around, and a mess for those living around it that have to breathe it, no less.

    a blog with an irishpirate that corrects spelling . . . ur changing the world