Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wilson El Garden Walk

It's almost summer time in Uptown. The flowers are blooming, the cicadas are chirping, and weeds are growing all around the Wilson El station, even out of the top of the building and on the tracks. We even noticed the "Shooter" poster originally posted by "Carmen" at WTH on the blighted, empty retail section still remains. We realize the retail is empty, but shouldn't the CTA be required to keep it in decent condition? Now that CTA president Ron Huberman lives in Uptown and presumably uses this station, we need to let him know we do not approve of the station's condition. And yes, we have heard that the Wilson El renovation design phase is at 30% but work would not even BEGIN for at least another 3 years. The CTA needs to take care of this station in the meantime. 3 more years is a long time to wait. Let the CTA and our new neighbor, Ron Huberman, know how you feel. Call 1-888-968-7282 or email the CTA at ctahelp@transitchicago.com


  1. Don't expect it to change anytime soon the EL stop or Uptown. You have to get the Harris Motor Inn shut down and cleaned up before you will se business move in. And the last thing the CTA can do now is spend any money.

  2. I sent the CTA an email regarding this and they responded right away wanting more information as to the location of the weeds and the poster. I forwarded them the pics.

  3. Great work. Let's hope they get it cleaned up!