Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lawrence and Broadway: Riviera and Wilde Pug

Work has finally resumed on the Riviera Building at Lawrence and Broadway. Windows have been removed from the second and third floors in addition to the metal framing that held the awful tan colored siding that covered the brick facade for so many years. We had heard there were issues with permits so we assume this has been worked out.
Across the street, workers have been gutting the old Broadway/Lawrence Liquor store for the upcoming "Wilde Pug" club and bar opening there. Workers have removed the green awning from the front of the building and soon there will be no sign of the previous tenant. Its good to see progress in our neighborhood.


  1. There is some seriously good stuff happening around Lawrence and Broadway.

    Crew, Wilde Pug, Green Mill, Uptown Lounge, Da Annoyance....those type of venues all create an atmosphere which increases business for all.

    People will be able to start barhopping around there.

    Throw in the Aragon, The Pirate Ballroom, The Riveria, and the Kinetic Pirate Playground and we won't have to move to Lincoln Park.

    If all that comes into being that little area will be more happening than anything in Lincoln Park.


  2. And maybe, just maybe, a renovated Uptown Theater.

  3. Pardon me, but isn't this neglected corner building owned by Suellen Long, longime 48yh Ward community activist, officer of the Uptown Bank, and Upcorp boardmember? What took HER so long?

  4. I don't know who owns it. I do know it takes MONEY to redevelop something like this.

    So anonymous 6:36 PM until you find a crummy building in Uptown and renovate it, perhaps you should be more understanding.

    Like me, the understanding Uptown IrishPirate.

  5. Anonymous has lived in Uptown 18 years and rehabbed her home and the neighborhood and the park around it, donating major buck from her own pockets in the process.

    Anonymous believes that if you can't afford to properly run a building you should sell it instead of waiting 20 years through total dilapidation until your community connections get you TIF funds for the rehab. But that is just Anonymous's personal opinion. Or as the Alderbeast would say, "That's my reality"


    "Never mind" was a frequent exclamation of Emily Litella, a character played by Gilda Radner on Saturday Night Live. For instance, see Memorable Quotes from "Saturday Night Live" (1975). It is considered by some to be a shortening of "never you mind".[dubious — see talk page]

    Miss Litella meant the third of the following Wiktionary definitions of "never mind":

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  7. First of all the building ON THE OTHER CORNER is owned by Suellen. The one that Green Mill-Crew-and many others rent in. So anonymous doesnt know his or her community too well(which is sad after being here 18 years). Once again another one who tries to knock doors shut instead of welcoming in the progress. It wasnt cost effective for alot of the larger building owners in the neighborhood to do complete renovations until the past few years. If you dont have tenants too help pay the monthly note on a few million dollar rehab U CANNOT DO IT. That is why now we see all the much welcomed progress all over our community. Stand at the c orner of Lawrence and Broadway---Leland and Broadway and you can see all the rehabs going on!! Makes myself happy to be here amidst the progress.

  8. I hate when people post things that they have NO idea about. 18 years in Uptown should have taught you to look before you leap.

  9. Well that is our fine building department allowing those kind of start and stop for rehab's. We have not building dept. in Chicago and the inspectors we do have are easly bought off.

    Plus we have a fragmented zoning and approval board. The Alderman have too much control over calling the shots on their ward's projects.