Tuesday, June 5, 2007

New Condo Proposed Next to Big Chicks

We came across a couple of interesting tidbits on "AlderTrack" today. A developer is planning an 11 story development with 63 units, 2700 square feet of ground floor retail space, and 63 on site parking spaces. This is planned for 5026 N. Sheridan. For those of you trying to picture this spot, it formerly housed a laundry mat and is the next building north of Big Chicks. A public hearing before the Chicago Planning Commission is scheduled for June 21. As soon as a rendering is released, we will post it.
Also, the upcoming "Fat Cat" restaurant at 4840 N. Broadway is awaiting liquor license approval . Annoyance Productions, Inc has applied for a liquor license for this site.


  1. Are you thinking of Fat Cat maybe, and not Annoyance? (It's slated to be right next door.) I've had drinks at Annoyance Theatre before, and they advertise drink specials out front.

  2. You are correct. The Annoyance Productions who filed the application threw us. Upon checking out the Fat Cat website again it is listed as 4840 N Broadway. We will correct this immediately. Thanks for catching that.

  3. Applicant: Annoyance Productions, Inc.
    Applicant Residence Address: 4840 N. Talman Ave., Chicago, IL 60625
    Name of Business: Annoyance Productions
    Proposed Location: 4840 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640 [48th Ward]
    Type of Liquor License: 9100, Consumption on Premises - Incidental Activity
    Date Application was Filed: May 24, 2007

    Any objection to the granting of the license should be made to: Mr. Scott V. Bruner, Director, Department of Business Affairs and Licensing/Locl Liquor Control Commission, City Hall, Room 805, 121 North LaSalle Street, Chicago, IL 60602

  4. I am looking forward to developement up there but I hope they don't affect Big Chics and the people that buy know there is a bar next door.

  5. Im working from memory here, but I think that this development was (rumored to be) the initial cause over the whole Big Chicks/synagogue liquor license legislation issue (that I've referred to regarding the Aldi and Salvation Army on Broadway). If I remember the story right, it was this developer that brought the license violation issue up to the city, in the hopes that he could get BC shut down and take their space for the development. Regardless if this is actually the same guy or not, that stretch of property has been in play for eventual condos for quite a while.

    Hal Shipman (who seems to have some issues logging into Blogger these days, even though I've had an account for years).