Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Is Target Really on Target? How Bizarre, How Bizarre

We are just receiving word of what was discussed at the Wilson Yard Task Force meeting. While we are told that most of the discussion centered on Truman College and its planned parking facility/student center, there appeared to be an interesting development when the public was asked if it had questions.
An observer at the meeting asked:
"Why is there no sign of Target coming to Wilson Yard? When the Target on Peterson opened there were signs up well in advance of it coming. Also, people have contacted Target and asked if they had any new stores planned in the Chicago area...and the Wilson Yard Target was not mentioned." To which Peter Holsten, developer replied," Yea, it's very bizarre."

We have to respectfully agree Mr. Holsten.

For those of you who would like to contact Target and inquire about the proposed Target at Wilson Yard, you may do so by calling Target Corporation at 612-304-6073, or you may email Peter Holsten at


  1. It's not comming and we all know that. Why would target want to be there. Peterson is so damn close.

  2. We should all email and contact Target and try to get a definitive answer on this proposal. We just called the number listed about 20 minutes ago and they had no record of a Target coming to Wilson Yard. Feel free to contact Peter Holsten or the Alderman's office if you have further questions. We need to let both parties know we are monitoring the progress, or lack thereof.

  3. I'll try calling later today. What I find weird is that the Target store at Wilson Yards has been discussed in multiple newspaper articles over the past year. Are these journalists relying solely on Shiller and Holsten for their info? If so, I think they need to learn the difference between a news article and a press release.

  4. From the alderman's office

    I attended the Wilson Yard Task Force Committee Meeting this morning at Truman College. According to the developer, Target has confirmed, and they are definitely moving into the space at Wilson Yard. He has a signed contract with them. Now that the Aldi is open, they have begun the soil testing and demolition which should be done by August. Target wants to be operational by August 2009.

    The developer also mentioned that Target does not want to post signs at this time. He is not sure why, but he assured everyone that he would not begin construction without a contract.

    Thank you for checking with us, and you can check the blog at for updates.

    If Holsten has signed a contract with Target why will they not share this? Why has the alderman's office not requested to see this contract and why do they not have a copy of it?

  5. If Target had a contract and it was all a go they would put signs up. I feel we are being lied to big time. Have Holsten o aholsten put that in writting and then send a letter to Target headquarters via certified mail return receipt.

  6. Emailed Holsten yesterday...

    should I expect a response? I'm guessing no. Also requested information about the Wilson Yard Task Force Committee Meeting..

  7. I emailed him today and asked him what the truth was? I don't expect to hear a response. It seems like all they know how to do is tell lies. Target Corp. certainly knows where they are putting stores and would be forth coming with the information at this stage.

  8. > According to the developer [Peter Holsten] ... He has a signed contract with them [Target].

    > The developer ... assured everyone that he would not begin construction without a contract.

    Holsten HAS a contract or he WILL have a contract before he begins construction?

  9. > The developer [Peter Holsten] ... assured everyone that he would not begin construction without a contract.

    Note well that this did NOT read:

    "The alderman and the developer would like to assure everyone that we would not commission paintings of the proposed development with a big old Target target logo on the side of the building and show them to the community, to the Public Buildings Commission, to the Community Development Commission, to the Finance Committee of the City Council, and post them on the City's and the alderman's and the developer's websites without a signed contract."

  10. If you can, run away from Peter Holsten as fast as you can. He's a creepy crawler. And that is on a good day.

  11. It's funny reading all these comments about Target and that Peter Holsten is a liar, when if you walk up there right now, they have the WHOLE construction fence lined with Target logos. I hope you all have fun eating your words. Now where they're slightly wrong is the "opening by August 2009" part, but in all fairness, they said they were "hoping" to.