Thursday, June 28, 2007

Losing An SRO

There has been much discussion on Uptown Update about SROs and the number of this type of housing located in the Uptown neighborhood.
There are SROs in other neighborhoods as well. In fact, there's one in the middle of the Gold Coast at State and Rush, that is closing in September. This article in the Sun-Times today mentions the closing of the Cedar Hotel in a article primarily about losing a neighborhood watering hole (Melvin B's). Clearly, bar patrons have many other options in the "Viagra Triangle." What about the SRO residents? Will Uptown become their new home? There seems to be no opposition to closing an SRO near downtown.


  1. Goldcoast doesn't want an SRO why would Uptown?

  2. because hs has to make sure she stays on welfare oops, city employment and benefits so that she can give her seat to justice

  3. It is the 'toilet assumption.' Americans live with the hope that ignoring the noxious social byproducts of the world they have created is a means of making them go away.

  4. There is a media bias when it comes to reporting about affordable housing in this City. The media likes to label actions in some parts of the city as "revitalization" while damning identical actions in Rogers Park, Uptown Bucktown, Logan Square etc as gentrifying displacement.

    They perpetuate cliches and stereotypes rather than truly exploring the issue.

    I've been most disappointed at Channel 11 because I had higher expectations for their coverage. At least the Sun Times is not as bad as the Trib.