Thursday, March 9, 2017

Missing Man, Matt Devendorf


  1. I certainly hope for the best but "last seen near harbor" is never a good sign.

  2. It's worth mentioning that the night of Mr. Devendorf's disappearance was also the 5th anniversary of Philip Patnaude's death, who also went missing around the harbors in that area. Mr. Patnaude was found a few days later drowned in Belmont Harbor. Because both men are the same age, career professionals, with no history of anything illegal and apparently well-liked, it's not too off base to consider it a "smiley face" related death (Google it), but definitely because of the anniversary, it could be gang-related to commemorate the Phillip Patnaude killing (that is to say, if Mr. Patnaude was actually killed and it was not an accident as the police stated publically). Sometimes gang members will kill a person randomly, with hopes it will gain media attention which they can lay claim to and gain status within the gang. The area where both men went missing has been marked over the past few years as Latin Kings gang territory. A question that needs to be addressed is what drew or lured both of these men toward the harbors alone on a late Saturday evening/Sunday morning? It's also worth mentioning that there are areas around both Belmont and Montrose Harbors where, if someone should slip and fall in, especially during the winter, it's like a dangerous moat—definitely an extremely dangerous situation for anyone to fall into. Providing security for boat owners is one thing, but the lack of proper fencing is not worth the loss of a life of one single person, even those who are illegally trepassing. My best hopes and prayers are for Mr. Devendorf's return and for his family. It must be an unbelievable nightmare for his family to go through, as I'm sure it was for the Patnaude family. Godspeed to all.