Friday, October 13, 2023

Miss Catholic School? Our Lady of Lourdes to Become Apartments

4641 N. Ashland (Google)

The Our Lady of Lourdes school building at 4641 N. Ashland has been disused for many years now. Last home to the "Northwestern Institute of Health & Technology," the building was placed on the market by the Chicago Archdiocese for sale in April 2022.

We first learned that the building was under contract in late 2022 and can now reveal that Honore Properties is the new owner.

From what we know, the existing 20,000 sq ft. school building is being completely renovated into 42 new apartment units. Interior demolition has been ongoing since the first permits were issued in August.

4641 N. Ashland (view from Leland)

From what we hear, the existing parking lot (21,000 sq ft.) will be maintained for the time being as parking for the units. Potential expansion plans may follow in the future that could include one or more new buildings on the site. 

We at UU are all happy a vacant building will now be nice apartments overlooking Chase Park. We have also been keeping an eye on the conversion of the former Our Lady of Lourdes Convent at 4637 N. Ashland (below), which is mid-renovation as we write this. We are happy both properties will now be contributing to the tax rolls!

4637 N. Ashland

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  1. As a 72 grad, I am glad the building will be something beneficial to the area. Believe it or not that building held over 600 kids in its hey day. Man that was along time ago!