Friday, August 18, 2023

Saddle & Cycle Club to Hold Short Fireworks Show Saturday Night

We (and our pets) are all aurally overwhelmed by the Air Show this weekend, but wait, there's more!

In her weekly newsletter, Ald. Manaa-Hoppenworth writes:

"This Saturday, August 19, the Saddle & Cycle Club will be holding an 8-minute fireworks display at 900 W. Foster. Be advised of loud noise in the area at that time."

It's probably not worth making a special trip, given the eight-minute duration of the show, but if you're there, enjoy!

We don't know what time the show will be, but we can guess. Most Saddle & Cycle shows begin shortly after dusk, which is approximately 7:50 on Saturday.

A reminder: The grounds of the club are for club members and their guests only, but the beaches and parks around Foster and Marine are excellent viewing areas for the fireworks show.

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