Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Come See The Saddle & Cycle Club's Fireworks Show On Independence Day

We're so lucky to have a professional fireworks display right in our neighborhood.

The Saddle & Cycle Club, at Foster and Marine, has confirmed to UU that it will be holding its annual fireworks show at dusk (start time has been anytime between 9pm and 9:30pm in past years) on Tuesday, July 4th.

While only members of the club and their guests may view the show from inside the club grounds, the fireworks can easily be seen from the surrounding areas. 

You can see them from Kathy Osterman Beach, Foster Avenue Beach, Margate Park, and from friends' homes along Foster Avenue and Marine Drive (there's still time to wangle an invitation!).

To our south, Navy Pier will be holding its Fireworks Spectacular on Saturday, July 1st, and Wednesday, July 5th, at 9pm.

UU Note: Want to know more about our very low-key 129-year-old neighbor? Uptown Update did a "Flashback Friday" feature about the Saddle & Cycle Club a few years ago.

Photo credit: Perri Smith. 2021 Saddle & Cycle show.

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