Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Tribune: Uplift HS Has Only 107 Students. Can It Be Saved?

Uplift High School (Google)

Sobering news regarding Uptown's Uplift High School at 900 W. Wilson Avenue.

From a Chicago Tribune story:

"While Uplift was founded with the expectation its student body would primarily come from Uptown, it’s not designated a neighborhood school by Chicago Public Schools. Without a consistent stream of incoming students, or draws like International Baccalaureate or performing arts programs, its enrollment stands at 107 students. Last year, the school used less than 10% of its space."

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  1. Where are the students going? or is it that women aren't having children?
    I'm a sub and subbed ONE day at Uplift and said I wouldn't go back because the class(es) were so rowdy and disrespectful. The same with Brenneman on Clarendon, down the way from Uplift. And these were the children of African immigrants, I expected more.
    Uplift can get students to enroll and increase the numbers if they become a "sister" school with a school like Disney. Uplift should work with the CPS and find a way to repurpose the highschool, probably changing it into a vocational school. Kids can get labor skills instead of a stem high school.

    1. Welp it isn't demographics, Chicken Little. The species is in good shape, and there's adequate procreation, no need to fret.
      Regular UU readers know you as an Eeyore, but if they don't, they do now.
      Wring your hands, clutch your pearls, but know that there's a city wide trend to address: people with means leave the City to educate their children elsewhere, and among those who don't: charters, magnets, neighborhood schools compete, plus, and this is mean but true - if you are a CPD sub, they don't screen well, Lianna. I