Thursday, October 27, 2022

Huge New Self Storage Set to Open at Uptown's Western Border

One of our editors in the area has been watching the construction of the former factory and warehouse building at 4701-4707 N. Ravenswood for close to a year now, and with construction nearly complete, it appears that a huge self-storage (916 units) is on the verge of opening to the public.

4701-4707 N. Ravenswood (August 2022)

LSC Development is behind the purchase and renovation. No details yet on a formal opening date, a website, or rental rates, but adding another modern storage facility to the mix will improve consumer choice in the neighborhood. 


  1. Wow progress a building for storage!!!

  2. I haven't really taken count, but it seems to me that storage facilities are proliferating a lot faster than housing units, especially affordable housing units. It's depressing and dispiriting to see our north town neighborhoods degraded by the presence of so many of these ugly structures, all to capture the overflow of consumer junk that people have run their credit balances to the limit to buy.