Tuesday, September 27, 2022

New Items Needed For Asylum Seekers Bused to Chicago from Texas

In the past month, the City of Chicago has welcomed nearly 1200** persons legally seeking asylum in the United States, sent on buses by Texas governor Greg Abbott. There is no indication that there is any end in sight, since the Texas governor's office has thus far refused to cooperate in any way with Illinois and Chicago governments about its plans or giving notification of any arrivals.

The City of Chicago is collecting new items to help set up these asylum seekers in homes and shelters, particularly in smaller sizes of clothing. A complete list of new items that are needed is here.

Collection sites include the offices of all three of Chicago's aldermen during regular business hours:

  • 46th Ward Ald. Cappleman's office, 4544 North Broadway
  • 47th Ward Ald. Martin's office, 4243 North Lincoln*
  • 48th Ward Ald. Osterman's office, 5533 North Broadway

A complete list of all collection points is here. Thank you for any help you can provide!

*Ald. Martin's office is not on the city's list, but according to his weekly newsletter, his office has begun accepting donations as of September 26th.

**Another 96 asylum seekers arrived in Chicago last night, September 26th.

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