Thursday, September 8, 2022

Explore 17 Chicago Neighborhoods Using A Scavenger Hunt Guidebook

Oh, this looks fun.

We came across a book of urban scavenger hunts going through 17 neighborhoods, including Uptown, and mostly on the North Side and Central Chicago areas.

The publisher says of Chicago Scavenger, by Jessica Mlinaric

"Decipher the clues and track down the photos leading you to over 300 little-known museums, vibrant public artworks, nature areas, overlooked historical markers, charming cafes, architectural oddities, and more. 

Visit the nation’s first Black art museum and a B&B run by monks. Raise a glass at Chicago’s smallest bar and take a stroll down a real yellow brick road. From Pullman to Rogers Park, seek the thrill of discovery in Chicago’s unique and diverse neighborhoods."

All the sights can be found outdoors, so it's especially good if you're being a COVID-cautious adventurer.

You can order the book directly from the publisher or through Amazon.

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  1. I would scavenger hunt in Chicago but not solo. No way. It might lead me into neighborhoods I'd never escape from. If there is a group forming that scavenger hunts, I'd like to know about it.