Monday, August 8, 2022

Rendering Reveal: 4102 N. Sheridan

4 story development for 4102 N. Sheridan (360 Design Studio)

Another strip mall bites the dust. 

We have been watching the one-story retail building and surface parking lot at 4102 N. Sheridan for some time. The lot was most recently home to Lake View Food & Liquor, but it will soon make way for a 4 story residential development from Barrett Homes, which previously developed the long empty lot at 1214 W. Carmen.

Barrett Homes is planning 32 residential units with 17 parking spaces and 24 bicycle parking spaces due to the property being in a transit served location (a short walk to the Sheridan stop and the Broadway and Irving Park bus lines). From what we can see, the building will be entirely residential. The building will be built as of right. 

Current view of 4102 N. Sheridan (Google)

We love to see infill on Uptown's parking lots!  More to go, but it's great progress.


  1. One lot at a time.

    It would be nice if that medical office? building immediately to the north would also sell. There's plenty of vacant office space around Uptown for them to move into.

    Where will folks in that section of Buena Park get their liquor and Chinese food now?

    It's a rhetorical question. Uptown doesn't lack liquor sellers or Chinese take out joints. We do need more market rate residential.

    Lots of great progress in Uptown over the last few years.

    We can thank our departing alderman for that.

    If the next alderperson is half as good we'll be lucky.

  2. "..We can thank..." - absolutely. A sendoff present would be nice. I'd contribute to that.

    1. He's not gone yet. Still has 9 months left work to do his thing.

      We, and by "we" I mean the people of the 46th Ward, were and are lucky that he was elected.

      Had to wait for the economy to turn around 2017 or so, but the changes have been amazing. He deserves credit for much of that.

      If there was a better person to be alderman since 2011 I haven't met that person.

      The candidates he faced in the runoffs all had very different personal and/or political agenda. Some of them would be having their slackeys touting them as Mayoral candidates or candidates for other higher office while the other would be building her socialist utopia and calling for the abolition of contrary opinions.

      I'd also contribute to a sendoff present, but it needs to be legal, heartfelt, memorable and amusing. We're not barbarians from the 11th or 19th Wards--we're going to follow the law.

      Amazing thing is that with so much in the pipeline is that even after he's left office the improvements will keep happening.

      Now to consider appropriate and amusing going away gifts.