Tuesday, August 23, 2022

NEW DATES: Foster Will Be Closed At Broadway Nights and This Weekend

Original post with old dates has been removed.

As the CTA Red and Purple Lines get rehabbed between Bryn Mawr and Leland, the work on the tracks will necessitate some street closures by the CTA.

Track Support Structure Installation will begin on Friday, August 26th, and run no longer than Friday, September 9th, with work going on 24/7 on the weekend and between 9pm and 4:30am during the week.

There will be no closure on the Labor Day Weekend.

The closure will be between Broadway and Winthrop.

Vehicular traffic will be prohibited, but one sidewalk will remain open for pedestrians, alternating sides as work progresses.

Residents north of Foster will need to access the alley via Berwyn.

If you need further information about alternative parking, please contact the contractor, Walsh-Fluor, at 708-253-9772.

Weeknight work will take place on Monday, August 29 to Friday, September 2, and Tuesday, September 6 to Friday. September 9 (unless they finish the project early). The hours of work will be 9pm to 4:30am, with prep work beginning at 8:30pm.

Weekend work will begin at 9pm on Friday, August 26th and go round-the-clock until Monday, August 29th at 5am. Prep work will begin at 8:30pm on Friday.

There will be noise while work is being performed. Noise will include:

  • General construction noise
  • Noise from lifting and placing track segments
  • Beeping from backup alarms on construction equipment and vehicles

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