Friday, May 20, 2022

After Years of Vacancy, an Old Development Proposal Returns

6 flat proposal for 4642 N. Magnolia (360 Design Studio)

4642 N. Magnolia, site of a barren empty lot since 2014 and past home to the beautiful and historic "Corn King" House, has hit Alderman Cappleman's development page again with an upzone request.

Our older editors still have steam coming out of their ears over this one, as the home was beautiful, and despite interior damage, was still quite salvageable back in 2013 when the Finan family, owners of O'Shaughnessy's on Ravenswood and Wilson, bought the single family home. Ignoring pleas and plans to save it, they demolished it and then never built the proposed condo building they promised because a zoning change was never granted.

The lot has been fallow for nearly 10 years, with multiple trips on and off the market.  Now the Finans are back at it, reviving their plans for a 6 flat condo building.

4642 N. Magnolia in 2012.

While we welcome the new development, density and infill on an empty lot, none of this had to happen but for some very poor decisions back in 2013.  

Once again, this will go in front of the local block club (Magnolia Malden Neighbors), who denied the Finans' request for an upzone in 2013 and their feedback will help Ald. Cappleman make the final decision.

This proposal is under $10M so it will not go before the 46th Ward Zoning & Development Committee.

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