Monday, March 21, 2022

We're Cuckoo for New Restaurants!

Yelp / User Denyce M.

It's been a slow process, but an exciting new restaurant has finally opened just at the northern border of Uptown at 5143 N. Clark, formerly home to Ora Sushi.

Cuckoo (you can see the website at brings bright colors and a menu focused on pan-Asian (Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese) food. Carryout is now the primary focus, compared to the former Ora space, which looked like this:


The menu, posted below, features crispy chicken in different forms (wings, sandwiches), bibimbap, and don, something missing from the area since the loss of the late lamented Sunshine Cafe and Futatsuki Ramen. Cuckoo also has a selection of boba teas and smoothies to complement the many excellent purveyors further east in the Argyle Street section of Uptown.


Yelp reviews are great so far.  As our crew of editors constantly says, please continue to patronize Uptown's small businesses!

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