Thursday, March 31, 2022

Attention, Professional Artists! The CTA Wants YOU

Art at CTA's headquarters, by John Bannon

Uptown has turned into an outdoor art lover's dream during the past few years, and there's even more artwork coming our way. The CTA has released a Request for Proposals for artists to help decorate the new station houses and viaduct walls of the ongoing Red Purple Modernization Project. 

But you need to hurry! The deadline for submissions is this FRIDAY, April 1st. The CTA is seeking "professional artists to create new, original public artwork for six  locations as part of the RPM Phase One project:

  • Lawrence main stationhouse, 1120 W Lawrence
  • Argyle main stationhouse, 1118 W Argyle
  • Berwyn main stationhouse, 1119 W Berwyn
  • Bryn Mawr main stationhouse, 1116 W Bryn Mawr
  • Bryn Mawr Hollywood entrance, 1119 W Hollywood
  • Lawrence to Bryn Mawr viaduct walls

Artists with experience in 2D and 3D art can apply to join CTA’s eclectic mix of over 70 other works of art throughout the system. Previous public art experience is not required. Artists will be selected based on past experience with creating and displaying art at exhibits, museums and other venues.

Artists will submit a written application that outlines their approach to artistic expression and to public art as well as their understanding of RPM public art goals.

Read more here and apply here."

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