Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Everyone Loves The Pancake House! Even The Mayor, Who'll Be There Tuesday Evening

stylized image taken from Google Streetview

The pancake house next to the Riviera Theater is a much-loved Uptown tradition and location. Bring cash, and get some of the best and most affordable meals available, served by the family who owns the place. It's been the setting for scenes in Shameless, Widows, and Chance the Rapper's videos.

Tuesday evening, Mayor Lightfoot will appear in a press briefing at the pancake house to celebrate Afghan immigrants' first American Thanksgiving. It takes place at 5:30.

According to the Mayor's press schedule, "Mayor Lightfoot will join City leaders and other elected officials for a brief media availability and to celebrate Afghan refugees’ first Thanksgiving dinner in America."

In case you haven't experienced the joys of Uptown's timeless treasure, its official name is Golden House, but everyone knows it as the pancake house. There's limited parking in the rear; it doesn't take credit cards; and breakfast is both delightful and reasonably priced. It hasn't changed in 30 or so years, and that's part of its charm. It's located at 4744 North Broadway.

The pancake house had a rough time of it during last winter during the pre-vaccine stage of the pandemic, and we nearly lost a gem. If you're comfortable eating indoors, we suggest patronizing them next time you're thinking about brunch or lunch.

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