Monday, October 11, 2021

Down Came The Rain ... And A Few Trees

A large tree came down on Dover, north of Leland. Streets & San was already on the scene.

The intersection of Magnolia and Wilson is covered curb to curb.

As most of us know, it's been raining most of the afternoon, with a particularly vicious few minutes around 4pm. As a result, most of the North Side has flooded roads and intersections. 

If you happen to know where your storm drain is in the street, be a neighborhood hero and use a rake or broom on it to clear it out and let it drain. It will speed up the process considerably if the water has an unblocked route into the sewers.

You can call 311, but it will most likely take a couple days for crews to get out.

It looks like the storm has moved out for the most part, but there will be a few more hours of rain around 9pm.

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  1. One Sunday in April 2017, Richard and I were walking home from breakfast at the Pancake House and came across a flooded street at the corner of Racine and Leland. I found a stick to unclog the sewer catch basin and Richard videotaped me doing it. I posted it up on Youtube and a couple of hours later, I noticed it got close to a thousand views. I thought there was some type of a YouTube error because it didn't seem possible. Today, it remains my most popular YouTube video by far, with now over 194,000 views. I guess people like watching drains get cleared. I have to chuckle because I still get constituents asking me to come over with a stick to unclog their drains.