Friday, October 15, 2021

Concerts Return to Uptown, and So Do The Scammers

Scammers were out last night, putting on yellow vests, directing Aragon concertgoers to park in the Bridgeview Bank Building's parking lot, and taking $40 per car. 

The problem? The lot is privately owned and was not available for concert parking.

This used to be a common scam in many parking lots in the area and  is apparently seeing an unwelcome revival.

If you have friends coming to shows, warn them not to pay to park in any lot without being sure it's a sanctioned lot. And if you see people directing cars into a lot that usually doesn't handle concert parking, call 911

These poor fans' night ended with a double ripoff: paying scammers $40 to park, then paying Lincoln Towing to get their cars back.

Not a great way for visitors to experience Uptown.

CBS has a story here.

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  1. No one, I mean no one should be giving CASH these days. Always always always have a cash app or credit card. If they don't take it, then it's a scam.