Thursday, July 22, 2021

City Council Gives Thumbs Up On Financing For New Courtenay School Play Space

The Play  Space for All Committee, with Principal Macquline King and Ald. Cappleman

rendering of the proposed play space (click to enlarge)

The City Council voted to put the final piece in place at yesterday's monthly meeting, and now it's official: After years of brainstorming and fundraising, Courtenay Language Arts Center (4420 North Beacon) is getting a new play space!

The City Council voted that Courtenay will receive $2.1 million from the Clark/Montrose TIF, which will go for playground resurface improvements, equipment upgrades, a new playfield, running track, and nature area. Work will be completed by summer 2023.

In his June 24 newsletter, Ald. Cappleman said:

"Last Friday, I was honored to join Courtenay Elementary School's Principal King and the Play Space for All Committee to hear an exciting announcement: Courtenay is one step closer to their fully renovated playground and outdoor space! I started working with Principal King and Play Space for All over four years ago to secure money for the Courtenay playground renovations. 

We had a number of fundraisers over the years where the community showed up and showed their support - thank you! Finally, this past month, the City's TIF Investment Committee approved the use of $2.1 Million from the Clark Montrose TIF to make this dream a reality. The last step is for me to carry this over the finish line through City Council Approval.

This funding, once approved, will create a nature walk space and a new playground.  The nature walk will include an accessible path, native plants, and spaces for outdoor learning opportunities. The new playground will emphasize full accessibility for all students with athletic space, play spaces, and interactive equipment. Students of all ages and abilities will be able to enjoy the Courtenay play space!  

The Play Space for All Initiative has only been possible thanks to the dedicated efforts of Courtenay's Principal, staff, families, and neighbors.  Thank you for your support of Courtenay students and for all the energy you have brought to making an accessible playground and nature walk a reality! 

I will provide more updates as the project progresses and I can't wait to celebrate these new play spaces with all of you!"

Congratulations, Courtenay Tigers and everyone who worked so hard to make this happen.

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  1. I love to see investment in play spaces for the kiddos! Only wish we could see this kind of investment in McCutcheon's or Margate Park's play spaces. The city should be more active in helping upgrade spaces in areas where community fundraising campaigns are less possible.