Thursday, June 24, 2021

You (And Your Pets) Are Invited To "Pride On The Patio"

Our friends at Hearthstone and Terrace, 1325 West Wilson, are inviting you and your best fur pal to an event on Sunday, June 27th.

"Hey y’all, Happy Pride!!!

In celebration of pride we’d love to see all of our customers and their furry friends dressed to impress on the Terrace this Sunday June 27th, 11am - noon.

We’ll have pride swag, snap some selfies in front of our pride banners and enter to win one of three raffle prizes!!

  1. Candle from Chicago’s very own Pride Candle Company
  2. An adorable puppy pillow.
  3. $50 Gift Card to Hearthstone and Terrace

Afterwards we encourage you to grab a slice of pride cake at Kalish, a cup of coffee at Crema, or a latte from Heritage Bikes and Coffee. Sandwiches from Emerald City Coffee, some poke down at Pokiology Chicago or a chicken sammy at Lucy's!"

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