Friday, June 18, 2021

46th Ward Zoning & Development Committee Gives Thumbs Up to Zoning Change For 3636 LSD Building

Rendering of proposed 3636 Lake Shore Drive complex

At a virtual meeting Thursday evening, community representatives at the 46th Ward Z&D Committee overwhelmingly approved a zoning change that paves the way for construction of a new residential rental / mixed-use complex at the corner of Lake Shore Drive and Waveland Avenue in Lakeview.

The committee's vote was 25 in favor, two against, and five abstentions.

The developer, City Club Apartments, has been meeting with nearby residents since mid-2019 and has obtained zoning change approval from East Lake View Neighbors, the New York Private Residences (3660 North Lake Shore Drive), and the 3600 Lake Shore Drive Condo Association.

The planned complex would include two residential buildings connected by a one-story building. The building to the south is planned to be six stories tall, with 147 units. The one to the north is planned to be 19 stories tall, with 187 units. 

Four townhomes would be built into the taller building, facing Waveland Avenue, encompassing the first and second floors. A restaurant space is planned for the corner of Lake Shore Drive and Waveland.

The apartment sizes would be divided among studios, and one-, two-, and three-bedroom units. 170 parking spaces would be built underground. 

You can see the latest plans, with new renderings and elevations based on Chicago Department of Planning and Development recommendations, here.

Development of this prime two-acre lot in front of the New York Private Residences has been sought for decades. 

The developer of the New York, Louis Silverman, envisioned a twin to the 47-story original building (completed in 1987) on the site, along with 46 townhomes and a 50,000 square foot retail and recreational complex. He planned for construction of the 600-unit building to begin in 1990. 

Obviously, that didn't happen, and over the years, a long line of ambitious developers have proposed projects there that never came to fruition.

Will the current project be the first to succeed in building on this rare empty Lake Shore Drive lot, or will this proposed plan turn out to be another also-ran? The developer must obtain the approval of the Chicago Plan Commission, Committee on Zoning, and City Council before ground can be broken. 

Time will tell, but the approval of the Zoning and Development Committee, which guides Ald. Cappleman's zoning decisions, is a big step in the direction of development.

In other Z&D news...

Plot twist! Last week the Committee voted against approving a residential building to go up at 4600 Marine, in what is now a parking lot for Weiss Hospital. The vote was 16 votes against, 15 votes in favor, and one abstention.

But at tonight's meeting, the vice president of North Halsted Business Alliance, which voted "against" the proposal (via their rep) at the prior meeting, appeared and asked that the "no" vote cast at last week's meeting be reversed and changed to a vote in favor of the project. 

We hear he told the committee that the organization previously met and voted in favor of the proposed building and that the rep at the June 11th meeting voted using his personal opinion, i.e. not consistent with that of the board of the North Halsted Business Alliance. He asked that the vote be officially changed and the record amended to reflect the organization's intention. 

So, assuming that request is granted, the vote flips to 16 votes in favor, 15 votes against, and one abstention, thus approving the proposal.  

Of course, this is a major change of events.  If Alderman Cappleman now approves the project based on the vote in favor, it means the project goes forward and much needed money will flow to both Weiss Hospital and Sarah's Circle.

We will watch developments with interest.


  1. The dog owners won't like this because they use that space as a doggie park. Developers are taking all the green wonder people are moving to the suburbs.

    1. The largest park in the city is literally less than a minute walk away... Personally the design is not the best, but it's private land and the owner should be able to build on it.