Monday, March 1, 2021

Slow Down For Speed Cameras, Or It'll Cost You

Starting today, the city will make you pay more for having a lead foot near a speed camera. 

Drive 6-10 miles over the speed limit, and you'll pay $35. Go 11 miles over the speed limit, and look forward to a $100 fine.

Uptown has two speed camera sites:

  • Broadway between Sunnyside and Montrose, by Target
  • Irving Park between Clark and the train tracks, in that long tempting stretch between the cemeteries
According to the Tribune, "Over a full year, such numbers would work out to over 2.7 million $35 tickets, with total revenue to the city of $95.5 million."

1 comment:

  1. The reason the red light camera could be installed on Irving Park is because it is in proximity to a park. What park? That would be the park owned land under the El tracks that is not used for our community. Instead that land is rented to the CUBS organization for a mere pittance and used for their VIP parking guests. It seems unfair that we should be stuck with one of the most profitable red light cameras in the city while the justification for it is only met by a technicality but not the use that is supposed to justify the camera. So, we get all the hurt without any of the intended benefits of protecting kids and park goers. And, the CUBS are the big winners at our community's expense. So very like Chicago.