Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Wilson Club Exterior Work Nearly Complete, Occupancy Early Next Year

1124 W. Wilson, "Wilson Club" by CityPads

We heard from Clint Sabin, spokesperson for CityPads, the developer of Wilson Club at 1124 W. Wilson:

"Thank you for your continued patience as construction crews continue to work on the future Wilson Club.  As you may have noticed, the scaffolding has now been removed, and other than some minor cosmetic work and light installation, the front of the building is now completed.  The facade took longer than anticipated in part because our crews realized the old facade (which is supposed to be decorative) was also supporting the terra cotta above it, so extra care had to be taken.  It further illustrates how neglected this building had become over the decades, and the need for someone to come in and invest much needed money and resources to save it.  

We hope to make some public announcements about the building in early 2021, and we are still planning for occupancy in the spring."  

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