Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Exterior & Interior Renovations Slated For Heiwa Terrace

Rendering of Heiwa Terrace exterior upgrades at 920 W. Lawrence

Current view of Heiwa Terrace at 920 W. Lawrence

Heiwa Terrace at 920 W. Lawrence was built in 1978 by the Japanese American Service Committee to serve the aging population of Japanese Americans. Today, less than 10% of the building's occupants are Japanese but they proudly serve Uptown's diverse and aging population.

Heiwa Terrace will go before the city's planning commission on November 19 to present their plans for exterior upgrades to the facade, including all new windows, upgrades and landscaping in the parking lot, and new fencing around the Japanese gardens. They also plan to increase the number of units from 201 to 204 along with further interior renovations. 

We look forward to seeing the welcome upgrades!

Check out the full plans for the renovation here.


  1. I notice the Heiwa Terrace upgrade calls for replacing the current iron fencing with a tall possibly wood fence, this blocking the view of te beautiful Japanese garden. Why? A solid fence is not in keeping with the architectural design of the neighborhood. It would be downright ugly.

    1. A wooden fence would be better traditional match for a Japanese garden than iron fencing. Plus I'm sure the elderly population living in Heiwa will appreciate the added security and privacy an enclosed fence provides.