Sunday, October 11, 2020

New Residential Planned For 4710 N Sheridan

Possible design for 4710 N. Sheridan (2rz Architecture)

Looking NW at 4710 N Sheridan (2rz Architecture)

Quest Realty recently finished their 6 story building at 4720 N. Sheridan. Just south of that, Mavrek Development is well underway with their 4 story development that is replacing a daycare center.

Now a building that was most recently home to Siam Cafe at 4710 N. Sheridan has been sold and will make way for a new residential development.

According to building permits, a 5 story development with 24 units, ground floor retail and a parking garage on the first floor are planned. The lot is zoned B3-5 so this building is most likely being built "by right" and will require no input from neighbors.

We spotted a rendering on the Instagram page for 2rz Architecture. Of course, the design could be further tweaked by the city.

4710 N. Sheridan


  1. All this development along Sheridan and in Uptown. Call me skeptical, but where are the tenants coming from? Since Chicago is supposedly losing population.

  2. The developers have obviously done their homework and know much more than you or I, Lianna. :)

  3. Some parts of the City are losing population, especially in areas located on the south and west sides of the City, while other parts of the City are gaining in population.

    After the Wilson L rehab was completed and with all the work that was done to improve public safety in the area, more people, especially Millennials, now want to move here. This proposed building, as well as the new one going up just north of it, did not request an upzone, so it's being built as of right. Because of that, I'm not allowed to require them to provide affordable housing, nor am I allowed to mandate they provide larger units.

  4. I'm a believer in Chicago. I've lived in New York, Boston and DC and Chicago is just a great place to live. We have our problems but IMHO we can have a solid future. The tenants will come because Chicago is beautiful and funl

  5. Lianna, Chicago may be losing population, but people are not leaving equally from all parts of the city. The Loop, near west, and north sides saw population increases. Uptown alone added nearly 3,000 new residents from 2012 to 2017. NPR has a great story on it here:

  6. My concern in owning at 1000 west Leland is we have suffered through being surrounded by constant construction. Sarah's circle to our south & the 2 new buildings to our north. Currently, I couldn't sleep past 8AM if I wanted to. 6 days/week, there is construction going on right off of my bedroom. Additionally, any view that I do have will likely be gone once one of these buildings are complete. Any parking that was available for my guests will likely be gone, the area is congested enough. My neighbors are selling & I'm considering. Its sad.