Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Howard Brown Clinic Building Approved By 46th Ward Zoning & Development Committee

The new clinic building for Howard Brown was approved by the 46th Ward Zoning & Development Committee last week, according to an email blast from Ald. Cappleman on Monday. The final vote was 21 in favor, one opposed.

We realize that this is outside of our coverage area, which is (surprise) Uptown, but many votes came from representatives of Uptown block clubs and buildings, so we're covering it.

Ald. Cappleman says, "Howard Brown is in negotiations to acquire the property at 3501 N. Halsted, presently operated as Little Jim's Tavern. Howard Brown is proposing to redevelop this site with a 70 ft., 5 floor glass and brick building for a new clinic and office space (no residential) that would include 27 parking spaces and bicycle parking. This parcel is currently zoned C1-2 and would require a zoning designation change to C1-5 to build this proposed structure. The new property would double the capacity of Howard Brown's existing Halsted clinic for primary care appointments, provide additional space for walk-in sexual and reproductive healthcare, establish a dental clinic for the underinsured, and house wraparound and behavioral health services."

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