Tuesday, September 15, 2020

See The Latest Plans For "Redesign The Drive," Including The Lakefront Trail

"Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood!"

North Lake Shore Drive and the Lakefront Trail are set to be totally redesigned between Grand Avenue and Hollywood Avenue, a massive undertaking. The Redefine The Drive project has been stellar in soliciting the opinions of users and planners, with public meetings dating back to 2013.

Now they're looking for more of your input to formulate the next phase of the plan. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to contribute your visions for change. Don't be left standing around with your ideas when the construction begins!

"The North Lake Shore Drive project team has reached a critical milestone in the study process as we prepare to recommend a narrowed range of alternatives to be carried forward to the next stage of analysis. 

In preparation for this next step, we are summarizing basic information that will explain the project in more detail as well as highlighting some key improvements that will be common to all alternatives. This information is being shared in several Study Spotlights, each focusing on a specific topic.

The Study Spotlights provided today review two key aspects of the project; the Study’s Purpose & Need and the proposed Lakefront Trail and Park Access designs.

Purpose and Need & Public Outreach Efforts Study Spotlight. The Purpose and Need was developed and agreed upon through extensive collaboration with stakeholders when the study first began. This statement defines the study’s goals and forms the basis upon which all alternatives have so far been measured. The Purpose and Need is continuously called upon throughout the project process when developing and evaluating proposed design improvements.

Click here to check out the Purpose and Need Study Spotlight

Lakefront Trail and Park Access Study Spotlight. Since the last public meeting, the project team has continued to develop design concepts for the Lakefront Trail and park access to enhance the experience for all users. Review these design concepts, goals and visual renderings in the Study Spotlight.

Click here to check out the Lakefront Trail and Park Access Study Spotlight

The project team will continue to share these Study Spotlights with you during the coming weeks. 

If you have comments on the information in this handout, or on any other project materials, please use the online comment form to provide input: https://www.NorthLakeShoreDrive.org.

We welcome feedback at any time during the project process. We look forward to continuing to work with you to Redefine the Drive!"


  1. Sounds like total BUll S.... A political deal with Walsh construction? It's not necessary. It's not needed and all that money wasted to provide whoever is doing the construction with money that could be put to better use. Typical Chicago political hacks. Just listen to this guy. He didn't say ANYTHING. No idea what this means. Why rebuild a drive? What are they going to do, put more exits in?

  2. I agree with Stu. At a time of financial desperation we have proposals that will amount into the hundreds of millions so that one issue advocates can assert their interests. Life will soon be financially hard enough for all without squeezing traffic into park land bottle necks. The lakefront is fine as it is.