Tuesday, July 21, 2020

"Crema" Coming Soon To Wilson & Dover

1401 W. Wilson (Google)
If you were looking for a local shop in Sheridan Park to buy things like lotion, soaps, body scrubs, bath bombs you are in luck. If you would love some of those items to be infused with coffee, you're really in luck!

We'd like to officially welcome "Crema" who will be taking over the quaint retail space at 1401 W. Wilson, right on the SW corner of Wilson & Dover.

Crema's owner Fran Matos was born and raised in Puerto Rico and wanted to combine her love of soaps, scrubs, and great coffee and initially started her business online but has now decided to make Sheridan Park Crema's home. Three locally roasted coffee blends, including an "Uptown" blend will also be available with complimentary grinding.

Follow Crema on Facebook for an official opening date at 1401 W. Wilson or check out their website for a preview of items that will be available in their store.


  1. Do you mean infusion of coffee as in "drink coffee" or does she infuse coffee or caffeine into her soaps?

  2. That was my old Pride Flowers location. Good Luck.