Monday, June 1, 2020

Peaceful Protest Monday Evening To Come Through Uptown

screen grab from WGN's live feed of the protesters gathering at Sunnyside/Broadway

The march has begun and is heading down Halsted. Obviously there is helicopter coverage by the media. That's why you will hear helicopters.

From Ald. Cappleman today:

"A peaceful protest has been planned on Chicago's Northside tonight, starting at the Belmont Red/Brown/Purple Line station at 5 pm and ending at the Stewart School Lofts (4525 N Kenmore Ave).

They are there to peacefully protest in unity to honor George Floyd and other black lives lost to police brutality. The individuals planning tonight's event have condemned all violence in no uncertain terms.

I support all those who are exercising their First Amendment Rights. The demonstration held in our neighborhood last night remained peaceful.

I want to make it clear that I condemn the actions of those who used the spirit of these protests to their own advantage and engaged in violence. If protesting, please continue to wear a mask and distance yourself when possible to keep you and fellow protesters safe."


  1. I was out biking and about 8 cops cars zipped by heading south on Clark at Montrose a few minutes ago.

    Looks like Target had some minor looting last night and the Metro PCS store on Broadway.

    I'm not very concerned about the protest heading to Uptown, but I am concerned about the aftermath.

    Pardon the pun, but between the Target, Aldi, multiple phones stores, liquor store and Jewel that's a TARGET rich environment for looters.

  2. Thank you for the timely reporting on this. I agree that I'm more concerned with what happens after they disband.