Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Face Masks Available From Aldermen's Offices, For Sale At Local Cleaner's

Part of the revised Illinois Stay-At-Home Order is that residents over two years old need to wear face masks in public spaces where social distancing is not possible. In response, several wards are offering free face masks to residents who may not have them or be able to afford them.

Here's the situation in Uptown. It's suggested that you bring an ID to prove you live in the ward.
  • 46th Ward/Uptown: 10am-2pm Tuesdays and Saturdays at Ald. James Cappleman's office, 4544 N. Broadway. Masks are also available for delivery. Call (773) 878-4646 for details.
  • 47th Ward/Lincoln Square: Residents can request a free mask from Ald. Matt Martin's office by filling out a form or calling (773) 868-4747.
  • 48th Ward/Edgewater: Residents can request a free mask from Ald. Harry Osterman by calling (773) 784-5277 or email harry@48thward.org.  There will also be distribution at St. Ita's Church Tuesday and Sunday between 10am and 2pm.
Additionally, many neighborhood cleaners are selling masks they've manufactured. We've heard about:
  • JS Cleaners (in Weiss Plaza, Lawrence and Sheridan)
  • Cleaners at 1038 W Argyle, at Kenmore
  • Monitor Cleaners, Clark and Wilson
  • Note: Most cleaners are cash-only businesses.
If you know of any other places to get masks, please add them in the comments.


  1. Foodtown at Hazel and Montrose. Also if you are in a pinch, they have paper products in back of the store.

  2. I saw some comment online that the cleaners around 4100 N Sheridan in that little mall is selling them for $5 apiece. I haven't verified it.

    Now you know I'm not nearly decent enough to post that without an ulterior motive. Here's the rant.

    I saw a story today on The Daily Line Dot net that Marianne "Ginger Menace" Lalonde has formed a new political organization--Lakeview Uptown Independent Political Organization. Piece read more like a press release than journalism.

    LUIPO for short or as I'll call LALA--PP.

    I'd like to thank Marianne and her supporters over at LALA--PP for bringing a bit of joy to this dark moment in American history.

    Never trust a man who says trust me, but trust me I'd rather be on a ventilator in a Covid-19 Ward than see her as alderman. Just the thought of all the fun I'm going to have trolling her in 2022 and 2023, once I get off the ventilator, brings joy to the ample dark recesses of my twisted soul.

    After the 2021 redistricting the ward is going to be significantly smaller geographically as we've seen a big increase in population in N Lakeview and Uptown while large parts of the city are depopulating. We'll see a good hunk of Lakeview disappear from the ward most likely. That doesn't bode well for her LALA--PP rerun.

    If Cappleman doesn't run again we'll likely have more candidates than we did in 2011.

    In a race with a double digit number of candidates I don't know who would be the two to make the runoff, but I'd bet Angela Clay would be one of them. Her hardcore base seems to be around 15% of the voters and that may be enough to make a runoff.

    Unless LALA--PP can pull off another Lightfoot endorsement, doubtful given the problems Da Mare has had with the commie caucus, she might very well end up in third or fourth place. She'll almost certainly be in the top 3-4. What she lacks in charisma she makes up for in hard work and a high analytic IQ.

    See you in 2023 LALA--PP in which I expect to be reposting this song.

  3. "A free mask" from the 48th ward office? Almost useless. Wow.