Thursday, April 16, 2020

The Waldos Forever Fest Goes Virtual: #420InPlace

Usually around this time, plans are well underway for the "Waldos Forever Fest," held as closely as possible to 4/20, to celebrate all things cannabis.

It's usually held at Argyle and Clark, in the immediate vicinity of Dispensary 33.

And with recreational marijuana becoming legal in Illinois in 2020, this 4/20 should have been a real blowout.

But hellllooooo Corona. No festivals or large gatherings for the foreseeable future, and Chicagoans living under a Shelter In Place Order.

The sponsors of the Waldos Forever Fest have decided to take it virtual this year.

This Saturday, April 18th, between 4:20pm and 6:20pm, tune in and (if you want) turn on.

"The virtual 420 fest via Twitch will take place on Saturday, April 18th at 4:20pm with personalities from the community creating original content to unite, entertain, and ignite the cannabis community.

Each segment will include appearances by local neighbors cooking with cannabis, blowing glass, bending neon, along with DJ sets, drag and performance art.

Waldos Forever Fest #420InPlace
Date: Saturday April 18th, 2020
Time: 4:20pm
RSVP for an event reminder and to be entered for a chance to win swag!"

Participants include:
  • Shea CouleĆ© (Rupaul's Drag Race)
  • Chef Angelina (Top Chef)
  • Sarah Mitchell (Tournant Chi)
  • Lucy Stoole
  • White Mystery
  • Sauce and Bread Kitchen (Coop Hot Sauce)
  • Bambi Banks-CouleĆ©,
  • Dom Brown
  • Kat Sass,
  • Jenae Williams (Tokeativity)
  • Ramona Slick
  • Acacia Way (Glassblower)
Click here for information, and to register to win swag

Dispensary33 will provide easy access to the stream by embedding the Twitch website onto their website with the goal to bring the community and its people a sense of sociability and togetherness from afar.  Dispensary 33's website is

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