Friday, March 27, 2020

Chase Park Construction Slated To Begin April 15

Construction fencing surrounds the entrance to Chase Park at Clark & Leland
With everyone shut in and with plenty of time to speculate, there have been many theories about why there is temporary construction fencing around Chase Park at Clark and Leland.  In light of Mayor Lightfoot's park closure yesterday, many seem ready to blame overzealous policing.  But in this time of uncertainty, there is a silver lining.

We have learned that construction is beginning on the Chase Park field.  This was first proposed several years ago, but funding was pulled by the Rauner administration in its final days and nothing happened.  Construction was supposed to begin April 15 to at minimum replace the grass in the center of the running track with artificial turf, much like the Wilson Field at Lake Shore Drive.  We are not sure what will happen to the running track in the new proposal, but it also may be replaced as part of the upgrade.

With the park closed for the time being, construction may be beginning early.  Total cost for the project is around $3M and it will be funded by the Clark Street TIF.

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