Wednesday, November 6, 2019

'Terrain Exhibitions' Self-Guided Art Tours Coming November 9

Uptown hub of Terrain Biennial 2019 will host a reception and self-guided tours to see site-specific artworks on Saturday November 9th 3-7pm at the 3RD SPACE: 4956 N Sheridan. The event is free and open to the public.

From 4956 N Sheridan visitors will be able to walk to the 4 other sites:
5026 N Sheridan - David Downs
936 W Margate Terrace - Sherry Antonini
921 W Gunnison - Hale Ekinci
941 W Lawrence - Erin Cramer

The Terrain Biennial is unlike any other art festival. It takes place on lawns, in front yards, on porches, beneath awnings, and in windows. Residents partner with artists to bring striking, contemporary artwork into their communities.

More information on Terrain Biennial 2019


  1. This is OT: I just read at the Block Chicago that Humboldt School (closed) is proposed to be turned into teacher focused housing, for teachers. (affordable, lower rents) Anywho I was wondering why Stewart Lofts on Broadway isn't doing the same? They seem to be having trouble filling it up.

    1. Not sure where you get your info, Lianna. We check in with new developments around the neighborhood from time to time and can assure you that the Stewart Lofts are doing just fine and filling up, if not already at capacity. You can easily see that by the lights in the units and furniture on the outdoor balconies, etc.

    2. Morningside and any other market-rate developer will adjust their rents to what the market demands. On another note, because they never requested an upzone, by law we were not allowed to utilize the Affordable Requirements Ordinance to get rent subsidies.